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Idade Média, Walt Disney e os testes de laboratório com animais.

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Os testes de laboratório em animais é uma discussão de longa data. Todos tem os seus pros e contras. Se o Brasil simplesmente proibisse, o país ficaria dependente da ciência Continue lendo

The São Paulo Times Film Festival 2017

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Congratulations! Among thousands of short films around the world your film was selected by our jury for The São Paulo Times® Film Festival 2017.

Because the time of exhibition of this second edition, we’ll only show the winners and finalists movies. *If you have been selected as semi-finalists, your movie will not be exhibited, but you can get your certificate.

All winners and finalists will receive our certificate for free.

For the winners, finalists and semi-finalists who wish to receive our custom trophy + certificate, just request by e-mail: [email protected], with subject: “I want my trophy” including your name, category, movie’s name and delivery address, than we’ll contact you and let you know about taxes and payment request via PayPal. The cost is U$ 99.00 + shipping. Applications will be accepted until January 15th and will be delivered about 15 days. *The trophies will be produced on demand.

Below are the laurels to make your movie release. Just click and save, the image is a PNG with a transparent background.

We would like to thank everyone who participated in anyway of our festival.

We await you here!

Best regards


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